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Breakfast patties

Our "breakfast sausages" might more properly be referred to as burgers. Instead of seasoned mince pork in a casing, they're patties of pork sausage meat – round, flat and just the right size for a breakfast roll.

American visitors to our store immediately recognise them as "breakfast patties", and are excited to discover that a familiar favourite found in diners across the US is finally available right here in Berlin.

They're great in an English muffin. Add an egg and some of our bacon and you've got yourself a luxury version of that well-known fast-food breakfast that's a guilty pleasure for many. You know the one we mean...

If you don't have an English muffin to hand, they're also fantastic in a toasted bagel, or even a good old Schrippe from your local bakery.

We believe Dalriata is the only place in Berlin that you'll find these delicious breakfast sausages. Next time you're serving up a proper cooked breakfast for your family or guests, our breakfast burgers are a unique treat.