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The finest Irish and British foods in Berlin

Dál Riata, ancient kingdom of the Irish Sea. A land of green pastures, misty islands, and cold, clear water.

This lush, beautiful landscape produces food of the highest quality, and we're so happy to bring it to Berlin.

There's something else this land is famous for: craic. Stories, jokes, laughter, good times. We'd like to share some of that with you too.

Dalriata, the store, is our ode to this homeland, but also to our favourite food spaces: big-city delis and bodegas, small-town local specialty shops, and everything in between.

It's only wee, but its welcome is warm, and we'd be so glad to see you there.

Our products

Our aim is to bring the best of the islands to Berlin. This means we offer a carefully chosen range of preserves, drinks, and baked goods from all over Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, as well as some classic favourites. We want to be more than just a 'British shop' selling nostalgic treats to people hankering for the taste of home – but we're happy to offer that too!

Dalriata is the best place in Berlin to find everything you need to make a traditional breakfast. Whether you prefer the 'full English', 'Scottish Breakfast', or an 'Ulster Fry', we have what you need. Delicious, traditional Irish back bacon, pork sausages, black pudding, even white pudding are all available any time. There's no need to order in advance, just come on over and help yourself.

We're also very happy to offer what we think are the finest savoury pies available anywhere in Berlin. As well as classics like beef and ale or chicken and leek, we offer a delicious vegetarian pie filled with butternut squash and feta cheese

All our products are available to reserve via our online store. Just pick out what you like and we'll have it ready for you when you come to the shop.

Some more details about our offerings:

Proper bacon

Forget that thin, streaky stuff you find in the supermarkets, we have top-quality Irish back bacon. Thick rashers, carefully cured for a great flavour.

Classic breakfast sausages

German sausages are wonderful, of course, but nothing beats a classic British banger. Except an Irish banger!

Delicious savoury pies

Our beef, chicken and vegetarian pies are handmade in Berlin by a master piemaker, using organic ingredients.

Exciting Scottish gins

Scotch whisky is already world famous, so instead we're shining a light on innovative Scottish gins such as Hendrick's, Edinburgh Gin and Bruichladdich's Botanist.

Legendary Irish whiskeys

Unlike its Scottish counterpart, Irish whiskey is triple distilled for smoother drinking. We've got famous brands like Bushmills, Redbreast and Connemara, as well as some others you might not have heard of, like Dead Rabbit or Sexton.

Our services

Our store is the heart of our business. But we offer much more than just selling classic British favourite foods and delicious Irish delicacies to the public.

If you are in the restaurant trade, or manage an Irish pub, we offer great wholesale prices on the same top-quality Irish meat products as you'll find in our store.

We would also be delighted to supply to the catering trade. Whether it's for a one-off event or a regular date, we can source and provide not only what you'll see in the store, but much more besides.

Or if you're looking for presents for your employees or clients, our corporate gift service can provide you with advice and consulting to help you put together amazing food hampers and gift boxes.