Hassetts Linseed and Black Pepper Crackers


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3,60  per 100g


Here’s another winner from the wonderful Hassetts Bakery in Carrigaline, County Cork. If you’ve already tried their shortbread or cookies you’ll know that their biscuit skills are second to none. But sweet snacks aren’t the only string to their bow โ€“ Hassetts’ savoury biscuits, like these linseed and black pepper crackers, are also top-notch.

Linseeds are a big deal to us here at Dalriata. Notice the flower in our logo? That’s the flax plant, which of course is what produces linseeds. We chose this as our symbol because the flax plant was so important to the development of the city of Belfast. Not only for world-famous Irish linen, but also for the ropes which found their way onto the countless ships built at Belfast docks. Including, of course, the Titanic. But we digress…

The presence of linseeds brings a delicious nutty, slightly earthy flavour to these crackers, as well as adding a little bit of extra crunch. But the good news doesn’t end there โ€“ linseeds are also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, and antioxidants. So you can kid yourself that these crackers are healthy while you slather them in cheese and relish!

Speaking of cheese, we’ve found that these crackers lend themselves particularly well to softer varieties, such as brie, or goat’s cheese. They’re even robust enough to stand up to something hearty like a Stilton. But we don’t want to be prescriptive here โ€“ as far as we’re concerned, there are no bad cheeses, and these linseed crackers are a good match for just about anything. And if cheese isn’t your thing, don’t worry โ€“ these crackers are tasty enough to enjoy all by themselves. They make for a quick and simple savoury snack as an alternative to crispbreads or rice cakes.

But of course, a good spread of cheese, crackers and dips deserves a nice wine to go with it. And we’ve got something really special in our exclusive Irish Peat Wine. Why not give it a try?


Wheat flour, wter, butter, shortening (palm oil, rapeseed oil), linseed (8%), salt, black pepper (1%).


Contains: Milk, Wheat


Nutrients per 100 g

Calorific value kj 1939 kJ
Calorific value kcal 463 kcal
Fat 19 g
of which saturated fatty acids 7 g
Carbohydrates 65 g
of which Sugar 2,9 g
Protein 11 g
Salt 1,6 g

Additional information


Made using the finest ingredients including cracked black pepper, Irish sea salt and brown linseeds, we carefully slow bake our wafer-thin crackers until they are perfectly thin and amazingly tasty. A lighter, crispier cracker which is the perfect accompaniment to your favourite cheese, dip or spread, or just love them straight from the box.

Net filling quantity

125 g

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