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By popular demand, we’ve got a limited supply of one of the hottest items at this time of year – Christmas crackers! An absolute essential at the Christmas dinner table in the UK and Ireland, Christmas crackers are, sadly, more or less unknown in Germany – and thus next to impossible to get hold of. But fear not, Dalriata’s here for you with these fantastic premium Christmas crackers from the company that invented them – Tom Smith.

Unlike most, these large Christmas crackers contain premium gift items you might actually want to use after dinner’s over. No cheap plastic rubbish here – these crackers are filled with things like bottle openers, screwdrivers or pendants. But don’t worry, it’s not all top-quality stuff in there – the gifts may be good, but the jokes are terrible!

What is a Christmas cracker?

If you’ve never pulled a cracker at the Christmas dinner table, you’ve missed out! Christmas crackers are colourful paper tubes, adorned with decorative designs. In the middle of the tube is a package, usually containing a gift, a joke, and a silly paper crown to be worn during dinner.

Their history dates back to mid-19th centuryEngland. They were created by a London sweet maker named Tom Smith in 1847. Initially, they were called “cosaques,” and their inspiration came from the French tradition of wrapping sugared almonds in twists of paper. Over the years, they evolved into the crackers we know today.

What do people do with Christmas crackers?

“Pulling crackers” is a fun tradition which takes place in practically every household in the UK and Ireland where Christmas is celebrated. It’s typically done around the dinner table, right before eating. Here’s how it works: each person takes hold of one end of a cracker while someone else grabs the other end. After a count to three, everyone pulls, and the cracker makes a cheerful popping sound as it bursts open, with one person “winning” by ending up with the bigger part of the cracker. Inside, you’ll find a few surprises. The contents vary, but they usually include three key elements:

1. A Paper Hat: Inside every Christmas cracker, you’ll find a colourful, paper crown or hat. It’s customary to put these on your head as soon as you’ve popped your cracker. They’re not usually the height of fashion, but everybody gets a good laugh out of how silly they look.

2. A Small Toy or Trinket: Cracker contents can include a range of small, inexpensive toys or trinkets, like mini puzzles, keychains, or small games. These surprises add a sense of fun to the occasion and can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

3. A Joke or Riddle: A Christmas cracker wouldn’t be complete without a groan-inducing joke or riddle, often printed on a small piece of paper. Sharing these jokes is a cherished part of the tradition and can result in plenty of laughter around the table. But it’s important to understand that the jokes are supposed  to be bad, and people will be disappointed if they aren’t! Nobody’s sure why terrible jokes have come to be the most essential part of the Christmas cracker experience, but that’s the way it’s always been.

So there it is, folks – top-quality Christmas crackers from your favourite online store. You know what to do!

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