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Traditional marmalades and curds

In the German language, the word Marmelade is used to refer to any kind of jam or jelly. This is something which seems to surprise and confuse everybody from the UK or Ireland on arrival, as to them, marmalade means only one thing - oranges!

This "false friend" has led to many a muddled conversation, with both sides insisting that the other must be mistaken or outright crazy. And while we at Dalriata can't change the German language, we hope we can at least teach the good people of Berlin a thing or two about real marmalade.

We offer a range of traditional Scottish marmalades from Mackays of Dundee. Founded in 1938 in a city with over 200 years of marmalade-making tradition, they're still a family-owned business. Using locally-produced copper pans, they slowly, carefully make their small batches of marmalade by hand.

Whether you prefer your marmalade sweet, bitter or sour and tangy, you're sure to find something to your tastes at Dalriata.

We've also got Mackays lemon curd. Made with Scottish butter and eggs, it's fantastic spread on toast, scones or pancakes, as a filling for crepes, and even in between layers of a cake.