Clonakilty Extra Mature Cheddar


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Just a big block of good honest creamy white cheddar.

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When people say “cheese” in the UK or Ireland, they’re either posing for a photo, or they mean cheddar! Of course, there are hundreds of other varieties, but the default cheese, the one everybody has in their fridge if they have any cheese in the house at all, is good old cheddar. And it probably came from the supermarket in a great big block just like this.

The secret to cheddar’s pervasiveness in British and Irish households is not only its delicious flavour, but its versatility. The taste and texture is just right for all sorts of uses, from sandwiches and toasties, to a filling for baked potatoes, or grated on top of a cottage pie, or… No doubt you have your own favourite use for it.

You know exactly what you’re getting with our extra mature cheddar – creamy white Irish cheddar with a robust but not overwhelming flavour. It’s your perfect everyday general-purpose cheese, just like you used to buy all the time back home, but can’t seem to find any more… until now!

If you want something with a little more bite, try our vintage cheddar

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