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2.60 per 100g

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It seems that people who like their tea like their tea. Any tea aficionado will have their favourite brew, and no other will hit the spot in the same way. Our Irish customers are split between Lyons and Barry’s, but English customers at our Berlin store usually come looking for Yorkshire Tea.

As you can guess from the name, it’s blended in Yorkshire by renowned tea producers Taylors of Harrogate. But this tea is far more than just a regional favourite – it’s popular all over the UK, and has made its way to all corners of the world. You can find Yorkshire Tea in the USA, in Australia – and now, thanks to us, in Germany!

Yorkshire Tea is similar to some of our Irish teas in that it’s made from a blend of Indian and East African leaves. Assam gives it a characteristic rich and full-bodied flavour, while the Kenyan leaves add fresher, vibrant notes. The overall result is strong and malty, with minimal bitterness and a deep reddish colour.

Those of you who are yearning for something a bit stronger than what’s typically available in Germany will be pleased to hear that Yorkshire Tea makes for a pretty hefty cuppa. But it’s not only a breakfast pick-me-up, and can be enjoyed at any time of day.

The customary way to drink tea in the UK is with added milk, and sugar too if that’s your preference. Yorkshire Tea is great with a splash of milk, but it can also be enjoyed “black” on its own.

The British are world-famous for their love of tea, and Yorkshire Tea is one of their favourites. What more endorsement do you need? If you’re a new to the joys of a nice cuppa, and still trying to find the right tea for you, this one is a great choice.. If you’re already a tea aficionado who knows what they like, you’ve probably already clicked “Buy” – why are you still reading!?

If you’re that unusual person who knows what tea they like, but fancies trying something different, may we suggest Barry’s Gold Blend?

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Weight 250 g

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