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The Irish tea connoisseur’s choice.


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Barry’s Master Blend, formerly known as Classic Blend, is the flagship blend of Barry’s renowned range of teas. It’s the result of decades of expertise in the art of tea-making, and even more so than any of their other blends, represents everything Barry’s Tea stands for.

Like Barry’s Gold Blend tea, it’s made from the finest Rwandan, Kenyan and Assam teas, but only the absolute best leaves make the grade for Master Blend. This top-quality tea has a balanced, well-rounded flavour that delivers quite a caffeine kick. Taken at breakfast it will get the day off to a flying start, but it’s also just the thing for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

If, like many of our customers, Gold Blend is your usual choice, we think you might enjoy the more refined experience offered by Master Blend even more. In taste, colour and strength it’s along the same lines, it’s just… better! Rich, full-bodied and bursting with flavour, this really is an everyday tea for connoisseurs. In our Berlin store, Barry’s Master Blend may have fewer devotees than the top-selling Gold Blend, but they’re fanatical about the stuff. So why not give it a try and find out what they’re so excited about? Maybe you’ll be joining their number before long.

Being a stronger blend of tea leaves, you can easily get two enjoyable cups out of a single teabag. But for those who like “builder’s tea” (most of you, we suspect!), Barry’s Master Blend tea is just the ticket – one bag of this steeped in a mug for three to five minutes will give you a seriously sturdy brew.

Whether you like your tea milky, sugary or just by itself, Barry’s Master Blend tea will give you a smooth, satisfying cuppa each and every time. It’s a testament to Barry’s unwavering commitment to delivering consistent quality you can rely on. From the careful selection of tea leaves to the meticulous blending process, every step in the creation of Barry’s Master Blend draws upon a tradition of excellence. Each cup embodies the brand’s dedication to delivering a tea that not only satisfies but also delights the senses. With Barry’s Master Blend, every sip is a celebration of taste, quality, and tradition.

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Weight 320 g