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3.00 per 100g

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Tea drinkers can be fanatical about their particular brew. Debate rages endlessly among Irish tea lovers as to whether Barry’s or Lyons is the cuppa of choice. But for the discerning English customers of our Berlin store, only Yorkshire Tea will do – and Yorkshire Gold is the finest of the lot.

As the name implies, it’s made in Yorkshire by renowned tea producers Taylors of Harrogate. But this tea is far more than just a regional favourite – it’s popular all over the UK, and far beyond. Yorkshire Gold can be bought as far away as Australia and the USA – and now, thanks to us, right here in Germany!

Like some of our Irish teas, Yorkshire Gold is made from a blend of Indian and East African leaves. Just like regular Yorkshire Tea, there’s Assam for rich, full-bodied flavour, and Kenyan for fresh, vibrant notes. What makes Yorkshire Gold extra special is the addition of Rwandan tea. This rounds the mixture off with its mellow flavour and beautiful golden colour. Taylors of Harrogate buy the tea that makes up this expertly crafted blend exclusively from the world’s top ten tea houses.

The end result is something rich, smooth and luxurious, yet at the same time able to be enjoyed any day, at any time. It’s a hearty and robust brew with very little bitterness. As you’d expect from a British tea, Yorkshire Gold stands up well to being taken with milk (and optionally sugar). But it can also be enjoyed all by itself if you prefer your tea black.

The British are a nation of avowed tea drinkers, and Yorkshire Gold is one of the best-loved teas there. We can’t think of a better endorsement than that. If you’re a newcomer to the delights of a good cup of tea, you won’t go too far wrong with this one. If you’re already a tea aficionado, you probably know what you like, and you didn’t need to read this far to be sold on Yorkshire Gold!

If this is your, ahem, cup of tea, but you fancy trying something a little different, give Barry’s Master Blend a try.

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Weight 250 g

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