Maldon Smoked Sea Salt 125g

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We’re not sure exactly what it is about Maldon Sea Salt that makes it so good, but there’s no question that it’s in a class of its own compared to other salts. As soon as you try it, you can see why this stuff is the choice of chefs all around the world. As well as the regular, natural sea salt, we’re very happy to offer you the unique taste of Maldon Smoked Sea Salt.

Maldon Salt makes everything it comes into contact with taste better. Its clean, fresh taste is subtly, but noticeably more complex and interesting than typical table salt. But the really special thing about Maldon Sea Salt isn’t the flavour, it’s the texture. The evaporation process used to make it results in delicate snowflake-like particles of salt. They’re crunchy, and unusually tactileย  โ€“ sprinkling this stuff on food is quite the feast for the senses!

On top of all that, this smoked version adds a mild oaky note to the flavour profile. Maldon Smoked Sea Salt isn’t overpoweringly smoky at all, there’s just enough to make it a little more interesting. It’s reminiscent of smoked bacon, or even some kinds of whiskey.

There are so many ways you could use Maldon Smoked Sea Salt โ€“ just check out some of the recipes on their website. For us, it goes especially well with fresh seafish. It will impart a wonderful smoky note to anything from cured salmon to baked cod. It’s also perfect for seasoning any kind of meat dish, but especially steaks and roasts.

Almost anything that goes on a barbecue will benefit from a sprinkling of Maldon Salt and cracked black pepper. And if you’re serving up a salad alongside, it will bring those fresh flavours to life. We can particularly recommend sprinkling some on fresh ripe tomatoes โ€“ especially if you’ve grown them yourself!

But Maldon Sea Salt isn’t only good in savoury dishes. Imagine smoky salted caramel, or shortbread in front of the fire on a winter’s night.

Many online recipes, especially ones from the US, call for the use of kosher salt. This isn’t a type of salt most people from the UK or Ireland are familiar with, and can be hard to come by. But the good news is that Maldon Sea Salt is not only certified kosher, but it’s also ideal for use in any recipe which calls for it.

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Sea salt, oakwood smoke.