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We’re very fond of this delicious honey mustard sauce as a quick and tasty way to liven up salads, sandwiches and cold cuts of meat. Like all our Wilkin and Sons products, it’s carefully made with the highest quality ingredients, and the expertise that comes from nearly 140 years making preserves and condiments.

This versatile and balanced sauce strikes a perfect balance between sweet and tangy, making it a popular accompaniment for many dishes. It’s a sauce that manages to be the best of both worlds: the natural sweetness of honey, and the zesty kick of mustard, complimenting each other perfectly. Wilkin and Sons’ take doesn’t stray far from the classic formula, featuring wholegrain mustard and natural honey, mixed with wine vinegar to provide the all-important acidity.

What can I do with honey mustard sauce?

Wilkin and Sons’ Mustard Sauce with Honey is immensely versatile stuff, and will make a valuable addition to any sauce collection. We promise you this sauce won’t just be taking up space in the fridge – in fact, once you get a taste for it, we bet it won’t last long at all!

Here are some ideas for you to try:

Dipping Sauce: One of the most straightforward ways to enjoy honey mustard sauce is as a dip. It pairs exceptionally well with chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, and even french fries, as well as raw vegetables like carrots, celery or bell peppers. Next time you’ve got friends over for the match, or you’re just settling down for a movie night, roll a ramekin of this out alongside the relish and brown sauce.

Salad Dressing: Probably the most common use for honey mustard sauce, you can’t go wrong drizzling a bit of this stuff over your greens. If you’ve added a little grilled chicken or tiger prawns in there, it’s even better!

Marinade: Honey mustard sauce makes an excellent marinade for chicken, pork, or salmon. Its thick consistency means it coats and clings perfectly, and that allows its flavour to infuse throughout the meat. What’s more, the sugars in the honey caramelise during cooking, leaving a glazed coating that’s as good to look at as it is to eat.

Sandwich Spread: Swap out your regular condiments for honey mustard sauce when making sandwiches or wraps. It works particularly well with turkey, ham, or grilled vegetables, adding a subtle sweetness and a hint of spice. It’s just like what you might find in a certain chain famous for its subs, but we think it’s much better!

Glaze: As a glaze, honey mustard sauce can effortlessly take your roasted or grilled dishes to another level. Brush it over chicken wings, pork chops, or ribs during the last few minutes of cooking to create a tasty, glossy coating.

Burger Topping: Instead of the usual ketchup or mayonnaise, how’s about a dollop of honey mustard sauce on your burger? Plop it on the burger, spread it on the bun, have it your way.