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Ireland’s best-loved tea blend.


2.60 per 100g

Delivery time: 2-3 business days

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In Ireland, tea is quite simply the fuel the country runs on. No job, task, or journey is started without having a cup of tea first. And as soon as it’s done, well, it’s time for another cup of tea! Needless to say, when you’re drinking this quantity of tea, you develop a taste for the good stuff, and for millions of Irish people, that means Barry’s Tea.

Barry’s Gold Blend is the signature blend of this famous Irish tea manufacturer, and is so famous as to be verging on cultural icon status in Ireland. For many people, this blend of Rwandan, Kenyan and Assam teas is the taste of home. Full-flavoured and malty in character, Barry’s Gold Blend tea has a robust, sturdy flavour that’s hard to find in Germany. So if you’ve been craving a good strong cuppa, trust us, this one does not mess about!

A single bag of Barry’s Gold Blend tea is enough for up to two cups if brewed in a teapot, but if you prefer “Builder’s tea”, you can always throw a bag in your mug and end up with a brew you could stand a spoon in! Although it’s typically taken with a dash of milk and maybe a little sugar, it also lends itself well to being drunk black.

However you prefer to take it, Barry’s Gold Blend tea is a quality blend that can always be relied on to deliver a proper cuppa time after time.

If you’re already a fan of Barry’s Gold Blend Tea, but feel like trying something different, you might be interested in Barry’s Master Blend. It’s slightly stronger and richer in flavour, and makes teatime that little bit more special.

Or if you’re looking for something a little lighter and more refreshing, we also offer Barry’s Original Blend, an outstanding Irish breakfast tea.

Is Irish Breakfast tea different from English Breakfast?

Yes it is! This wasn’t always the case – until the Second World War, they were basically the same. Both English and Irish tea blends depended heavily on leaves grown in India and Sri Lanka, which were sold on the London tea markets. When the war started, it became much harder to bring tea from India all the way to Europe, and so the UK had to cut off the supply to Ireland. But of course, Irish people still needed their tea, so they had to look elsewhere for it. It turned out that East Africa was producing excellent tea which perfectly suited Irish tastes, and to this day, to this day, tea from Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania is what makes Irish breakfast tea just a little different from its English counterpart.

These African varieties are a little darker than the Assam and Ceylon teas favoured in English blends. This gives the brewed tea a more pleasant colour after milk is added.  Many Irish people like their tea on the milky side, so perhaps that explains the popularity of these blends all over Ireland.

In any case, Irish breakfast tea is ideal for anybody who wants a full-flavoured, rich-coloured cup of tea.

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