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Ireland’s most popular tea – but better!


3.23 per 100g

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Imagine you’re Lyons, and you make the most popular tea in Ireland, Lyons Original Blend. How do you build on this resounding success? How do you create something even more special?The answer is Lyons Gold Blend!

Just like its more established sibling, Lyons Gold is blended in Dublin, from fine Kenyan, Assam and Ceylon tea leaves. This time, however, the absolute pick of the crop is used to create a rich, full-bodied and bold tea with a fresh, floral aroma and an inviting golden colour.

Once again, Lyons use their unique pyramid-shaped. These allow the tea leaves to move around within the bag and come into contact with the hot water as much as possible. The beauty of this innovation is that you get a stronger, richer, more flavourful brew every time. What’s more, these clever teabags are biodegradeable, so you can dispose of them in your compost bin.

Long-time Lyons tea aficionados won’t go wrong with Lyons Gold Blend. It’s just like your usual cuppa, but even better. If you’re new to Irish tea, or you just haven’t settled on a brew of choice yet, this is an excellent option. Strong and comforting, yet fragrant and refreshing, it’s hard to beat.

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Weight 160 g