Blackfire Botanic Hot Sauce


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5,90  per 100ml


At Dalriata, we’ve always been big fans of a good hot sauce, and we’re thrilled to introduce you to another amazing product from Blackfire Foods: the mean, green Botanic Hot Sauce. As with all of their sauces, this one is made with the highest quality Irish ingredients and crafted with care and pride in Belfast.

Named after the beautiful Botanic Gardens in the heart of the city, and inspired by its lush greenery Botanic Hot Sauce is pretty feisty. Heat-wise it’s one of the hotter sauces in the range, although not overpoweringly so. But theres a lot more going on here than just heat alone. The sauce is made with Ghost Peppers, a variety renowned for their heat as well as for their delicious flavour, but the real star of the show is the blend of other ingredients that make this sauce stand out from the others in the range. It’s absolutely packed with flavour and is sure to liven anything up.

One of the key components of Botanic Hot Sauce is the addition of roasted green peppers, which add a bright, citrusy flavor to the sauce. This one’s also got a good helping of garlic in there. And as always, it’s all presered in apple cider vinegar from the Armagh Cider Company โ€“ no mass-market industrial ingredients here.

Botanic Hot Sauce is a versatile sauce that pairs well with a variety of dishes. Drizzle it on your tacos for a zesty kick, or splash it on your salad for a burst of flavor. It also makes a great dip when mixed with natural yogurt. The sauce is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of heat, but don’t want to be overwhelmed by it. The heat from the Ghost Peppers builds gradually, leaving a pleasant warmth that lingers on the tongue.

Like all of Blackfire’s sauces, Botanic Hot Sauce is made in small batches to ensure the highest quality and consistency. Blackfire grows their own peppers to ensure that they’re always fresh and bursting with flavor. No chili extracts are used in the making of this sauce, which means you get pure, natural heat and flavor in every drop.

We’re proud to offer Botanic Hot Sauce to our customers, and we know that once you try it, you’ll be hooked. It’s a delicious, flavorful sauce that’s perfect for anyone who loves a bit of heat without sacrificing flavor. Give it a try today and taste the difference for yourself!


Roasted green peppers, apple cider vinegar, onion, ghost peppers, garlic, salt.


Nutrients per 100 g

Calorific value kj 57 kJ
Calorific value kcal 14 kcal
Fat < 0,5 g
of which saturated fatty acids < 0,1 g
Carbohydrates 6,1 g
of which Sugar 5,1 g
Protein 0,8 g
Salt 0,3 g

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Itโ€™s big,ย itโ€™s green and its named after the Botanic Gardens in Belfast. Splash it on your salad, drizzle on your tacos or drop into some natural yogurt for a zippy dip. This is a medium heat sauce but it is huge on flavour and the Ghost Peppers add that little bit of fire at the end.