Wilkin and Sons Tiptree Onion Relish


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We’re huge fans of Wilkin and Sons’ products here at Dalriata. They might be best known for their sweet products, such as lemon curd or salted caramel spread, but they also have a whole range of other condiments, such as this delicious onion relish.

Chutneys and relishes can of course be found all over the world, but this one is singularly British – and it’s most at home on that singularly British dish, the ploughman’s lunch! As the name implies, the main ingredient is caramelised onion, but there’s a lot more than just that going on. This onion relish also contains quite a bit of tomato, as well as raisins and citrus fruit.

Wilkin and Sons Tiptree Onion Relish is the perfect way to liven up cold meats, cheeses, a salad, or just about anything else you can think of. Its intensely tangy, fruity, sweet-yet-savoury flavour means a little goes a long way – you won’t need to use much of this to add some extra zing to any dish.

It’s also excellent alongside fish dishes. Or get creative – how’s about onion relish as a filling for vegetarian vol-au-vents, for example?

And of course, no barbeue would be complete without a selection of accompaniments for burgers, sausages and hot dogs. Roll this one out and your guests will be dying to know where you got it. Make sure you tell them  – Dalriata!

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Weight 380 g



Zwiebeln (29%), Zucker, Tomaten, Weinessig, Orangen, Rosinen, Salz, Geliermittel: Zitruspektin, Zitronensaft, Gewürze, Säureregulator: Zitronensäure.

Energie / Brennwert pro 100g

715kj / 169kcal

Fett pro 100g


- davon gesättigte Fettsäuren




- davon Zucker