Barry’s Original Blend Tea 80 bags


2,20  per 100g

The choice of the dedicated Irish tea drinker.

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Barry’s Original Blend is the choice of seasoned tea drinkers all over Ireland. It’s somewhat milder and less malty than Barry’s Gold Blend tea, but just as high in quality, which means it’s ideal if you’re the sort of person for whom nothing is so important that it can’t wait till after a cuppa! Irish mammies might get through ten cups of this stuff in a day, so they really appreciate the gentler but still unmistakeable flavour of this top-notch Irish tea blend.

This light and refreshing tea is made from a blend of fine Assam, Rwandan and Kenyan tea leaves, with the emphasis on the bright, zesty African varieties for a refreshing flavour. It brews to a delightful reddish brown colour, which with the addition of a little milk turns golden. Sweeten with sugar to taste, or add a little honey if you’re feeling fancy.

Barry’s Original Blend tea is the ideal choice for anyone who loves a good, honest cup of tea every single time.

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Weight250 g


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