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Ah, fudge. So simple, so delicious, yet so elusive in Germany. We thought it was high time we found some of the good stuff and brought it to our Berlin store. We hunted high and low, and put our waistlines in grave danger, but at long last we found the perfect range of products. All the way from Belfast, we’re delighted to bring you Melting Pot Fudge!

Now with Melting Pot’s vegan range, the fun isn’t restricted to those of you who consume dairy products. We think this is every bit as tasty as the traditional recipe, so give it a try!

Additional information
Weight 90 g

May contain traces of soya, nuts and peanuts.

Ingredients & Nutrients


Sugar, rice drink [water, rice (14%), sunflower oil, sea salt], cocoa butter, golden syrup, glucose syrup, brown sugar, Madagascan vanilla extract, honeycomb (4%) [water, sugar, bicarbonate of soda, coconut oil], cocoa powder, salt.


Contains: Milk, Soya


Nutrients per 100 g

Calorific value kj 1629 kJ
Calorific value kcal 389 kcal
Fat 4.6 g
of which saturated fatty acids 2.6 g
Carbohydrates 79 g
of which Sugar 75 g
Protein 0.7 g
Salt 0.1 g
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