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As soon as you see the packaging of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Fingers, you know you’re in something a bit more special than a regular chocolate biscuit. These beauties come in a box, not a wrapper, and inside that box is a plastic tray full to bursting with dozens of delicious chocolate-coated biscuit fingers. This isn’t your regular teatime snack, this is downright decadent.

Luxurious as they may be, Cadbury’s Fingers are pretty simple in terms of composition. Crunchy biscuit, coated all over in a nice thick layer of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate, and that’s it. What more does anybody need? Each finger is just the right size to enjoy in two bites, although it can be tempting to eat the whole thing in one go. We’ve also heard that some people like to bite the ends off and use the biscuit in the centre as a drinking straw for their tea. This isn’t something we’ve tried, so we can’t vouch for the efficacy of this approach, but if you’re a practitioner yourself, we’d love to hear from you…

This 114g pack contains enough chocolate fingers for all the family to enjoy. They’re definitely meant to be shared, but they’re so delicious it’s easier said than done! One thing to watch out for with Cadbury’s Fingers is that the chocolate melts inordinately quickly compared to most chocolate biscuits. We’re not sure why this is – maybe it’s because of their long, thin shape. In any case, they start to melt almost immediately upon contact with skin, and it’s pretty easy to end up with chocolate fingers of your own!

Growing up, Cadbury’s Fingers were an occasional treat for us. The most likely place to encounter them was at a child’s birthday party – they’re perfect for sharing, and just the right size for kids to enjoy. They even stand up nicely in a glass, if you really want to be fancy! But you’re not a kid any more, and now thanks to Dalriata, you can buy Cadbury’s Fingers any time you want. So what’s stopping you? Go ahead!


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