Chicken, leek, bacon and mushroom pie


Handmade in Berlin.

Available in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Delivery time: 2-3 business days

3,11  per 100g

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This tasty, handmade chicken pie from This Works Within has been a big hit with customers at our Berlin store for a long time now. Give them a try and we’re certain you’ll love them too! They’ve been created by a master pie producer who puts lots of love and expertise into everything they do.

Our pies are super quick and easy to prepare. Just bake the pie from frozen at 180ºC. After 35-45 minutes you’ll have a light, flaky golden puff pastry that’s ready to eat.

Different people call these delicious parcels of pastry filled with savoury goodness by different names. We refer to them as pies, but you might think of them as more of a pasty. That’s OK, they’re just as tasty no matter what you call them!. They’re just the right size to enjoy by themselves as a snack or a light meal, but they’re really at their best as part of a complete meal with vegetables, potatoes, and a nice sauce or gravy.

If you’re familiar with chicken pot pie, you’ll find these right up your street. In fact, we think they’re even better than a chicken pot pie, because while a pot pie only has a pastry lid, our chicken pies are completely surrounded by delicious pastry.

Dalriata – making Germany fall in love with savoury pies

We’ve always found it a little strange that savoury pies, and especially meat pies, are so popular in many countries, yet little-known in Germany. They’re universally beloved not only in the UK and Ireland, but also – perhaps even especially – in New Zealand and Australia. In fact, many Kiwis would say the steak pie is the national dish of New Zealand. And in Australia, the pie floater is a cult favourite throughout the nation. At Dalriata, we might not be able to bring the pie cart to your door, but we can certainly send you delicious pies that are easy to prepare yourself, and we think that’s the next best thing.

Additional information

Weight 190 g
Brennwert / Energie pro 100g

2334 kj / 558 kcal

Fett per 100g


- davon gesättigte Fettsäuren


Salz pro 100g


Kohlenhydrate pro 100g


- davon Zucker


Eiweiß pro 100g



Gluten, Ei, Sellerie, Sesam, Milch, Nüsse