Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey


Sophisticated, complex whiskey from Dublin.

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The slightly younger brother of the illustrious Yellow Spot Irish Whiskey is a delightful drink in its own right. For many years Green Spot was much sought after and very hard to get hold of, as it was only sold in one shop in Dublin. Now you need search no further, as it’s available right here at Dalriata!

Green Spot Irish Whiskey has been produced in Dublin since the late 19th century, and for most of that time was available from only one storeโ€“ Mitchell & Son. This shop began as a bakery, before moving into importing wines to Ireland. At some point somebody had the brainwave to use the discarded wine casks to mature pot still whiskey. So began a lucrative sideline, sending empty sherry, port and wine barrels to Jameson’s distillery by horse and cart, where they would be filled with freshly distilled whiskey and sent back to the shop to mature in the cellar.

At the start of the maturing process, the Mitchells would mark each barrel with a “spot” of paint. Blue-spotted casks we left for seven years, green was ten, and the yellow spot meant twelve years of ageing. Over the years, the other varieties dwindled until only Green Spot was left, and although they’ve recently made something of a comeback, Green Spot is still the mainstay of the range.

What should you expect from Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey? The nose is fresh and aromatic, with oils and spices, orchard fruits and the barley notes ever-present in single pot still whiskey. Gentle woody background notes are also to be found. The taste is full and spicy, with cloves, green apples and oak. A lingering aftertaste of barley and oak makes for a delightfully well-rounded drink.

If you like your whiskey smooth and balanced, yet complex in flavour, Green Spot might just be what you’re looking for.

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