HP Sauce

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The original, and still the most popular, brown sauce.

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This one needs no introduction! The world-famous HP Sauce is the original “brown sauce”. It’s been an ever-present dinner tables throughout the UK since it first went on sale in 1899. You’ll find this stuff in virtually every household in the country, and its fruity, tangy flavour is synonymous with fry-ups and bacon butties.

What is HP Sauce made of?

The two main ingredients of HP Sauce are tomatoes and tamarind. But just because it’s primarily made of tomatoes doesn’t mean it’s a kind of ketchup – it’s really very different. As well as these two key ingredients, it also contains malt vinegar, molasses, dates and spices. This unusual combination gives HP Sauce a unique flavour that’s sweet, sharp and spicy all at once.

Where does the name HP Sauce come from?

Almost everyone who grew up with a bottle on the dinner table could tell you that the HP stands for… Houses of Parliament! Legend has it that the sauce was being served up in Parliament, and when its inventor heard about this, he decided it would make a good brand name for his product. Over 120 years later it still has a picture of the House of Commons on the label so we’d have to say it worked!

You can find lots of interesting information about the history of HP Sauce on the Museum of Brands website.

How is HP Sauce used?

HP Sauce is most widely used as a table sauce, but it’s remarkably versatile stuff. Some of our customers swear by adding a dollop of it to stews, casseroles or cottage pies. Others use it as the secret ingredient in the gravy they pour on their Sunday roasts. We’re sure you can think of a few possibilities of your own besides.

Do you sell HP Sauce in the classic glass bottle?

Although HP Sauce usually comes in an instantly recognisable, iconic glass bottle, at Dalriata we offer it in a larger, squeezable plastic bottle. This saves transportation weight and means we can offer you a larger size and better value for money. It’s also more convenient than slapping the bottom of the glass bottle and waiting!

So if you’ve been hankering for some good old brown sauce on your dinner and struggled to find it, don’t worry, Dalriata will get it to you no matter where you are in Germany.

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