Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Passion Fruit Curd

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And now for something completely different! Lemon curd is well known and much loved, and lime curd is a novel twist on the same idea, but passion fruit curd? Now that’s surprising. But what isn’t surprising is that it’s utterly delicious. Dalriata brings you yet another great product from Wilkin and Sons of Tiptree, Essex.

Just like its more familiar cousins, passion fruit curd is tangy and sweet, with a thick, creamy texture. But this time around it’s even more special, with a zingy, fruity flavour that really takes things up a notch.

It’s perfect to spread on scones, waffles, toast or pastries, and makes an exotic change from plain old jams and marmalades. It’s made from passion fruit (you guessed it!), sugar, butter and egg yolks.

Needless to say, with ingredients like that, this is no low-calorie treat. But life’s too short to deprive yourself of pleasures all the time, so go ahead, indulge yourself!

How can I use passion fruit curd?

Our first piece of advice is that you should try not to eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon! Admittedly, it’s delicious, but trust us, there are better ways to enjoy passion fruit curd. Just resist the urge a little longer and you’ll get the best out of it!

Of course, the most common way to eat passion fruit curd is simply to spread it nice and thick on something like toast or scones. Indeed, you really can’t go wrong this way. But there’s plenty else you can do with it. For instance, it’s just amazing as a topping for crêpes or pancakes. If you’re into baking, you can use it to make all sorts of cheesecakes pies, tarts, cakes, even the swirly buns known as “Schnecken” here in Germany. The sky’s the limit.

Additional information

Weight500 g



Zucker, Maracujasaft (26%), Butter, Eigelb aus Freilandhaltung, Vollei aus Freilandhaltung, Säureregulator: Zitronensäure, Geliermittel: Zitruspektin.

Energie / Brennwert pro 100g

1475kj / 351kcal

Fett pro 100g


- davon gesättigte Fettsäuren




- davon Zucker







Butter, Ei.

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