Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Lemon Curd

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Lemon curd is one of those classic British foodstuffs that deserves to be better known around the world. It seems like everybody who tries it loves the stuff, and yet here in Germany it’s fairly hard to find. We at Dalriata are doing our best to change that with this outstanding lemon curd from Wilkin and Sons of Tiptree, Essex.

We’ve chosen to stock Wilkin and Sons ‘Tiptree’ Lemon Curd because we think it’s as good as you can get without making your own. For over 140 years, the Wilkin family has been producing outstanding jams, marmalades, chutneys and all kinds of other delicious things in jars. As well as lemon curd, we offer quite a few of their other products, all of which are just as good as this one!

What is lemon curd?

Lemon curd is a sweet, tangy spread with a thick, creamy texture. Even though you might use it on scones, toast or pastries, it’s quite different from jams and marmalades. As well as lemons and sugar, it contains egg yolks and butter, which give it that sticky gloopy character that makes it so special.

Needless to say, with ingredients like those, this stuff is a total calorie bomb. But we believe a bit of what you fancy does you good, so go on, indulge yourself!

How can I use lemon curd?

First of all, try to resist the temptation to eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon! Tasty as it is, it’s just not worth the guilt. Besides, there are much better ways to eat it, and you’ll never get to try them if you don’t develop a little patience.

Of course, the simplest, most obvious way to eat lemon curd is simply spread on toast or scones. And if you do this, you won’t go far wrong, it’s absolutely delicious. But there are plenty of other uses for it too. For example, it’s absolutely amazing spooned onto crêpes or pancakes. If you like baking, you can use it to make all manner of lemon pies, tarts, cakes, even the swirly buns known as “Schnecken” here in Germany.

Or if cocktails are your thing, there are a world of possibilities. How about a pisco sour, or a gimlet with a twist?

Additional information

Weight500 g



Zucker, gesalzene Butter, Zitronensaft (11%), Eigelb aus Freilandhaltung, Vollei aus Freilandhaltung, Säureregulator: Zitronensäure, Geliermittel: Zitruspektin, Zitronenöl.


Butter, Ei.

Brennwert / Energie pro 100g

1625kj / 387kcal

Fett pro 100g


- davon gesättigte Fettsäuren




- davon Zucker






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