Ballymaloe Original Smooth Relish

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Fruity, spicy tomato relish that will liven up all kinds of dishes.


If you’re Irish, or have spent any time in Ireland, you’ll doubtless be familiar with Ballymaloe Relish. Unfortunately it hasn’t yet found its way far beyond its home shores. Dalriata aims to change that!

For over thirty years, Ballymaloe Original Relish has been an ever-present in many an Irish household. Its blend of tomatoes, sultanas and spices makes it the perfect complement to almost any sandwich or burger, and it’s also great with cheese or cold meats. This smooth version comes in a convenient squeezable bottle so you can simply use it like a more interesting alternative to tomato ketchup. Its tangy, fruity flavour means it goes perfect on burgers, as a dip for french fries, or to add a little sweetness and acidity to a fried breakfast. But it’s also great in toasties or grilled cheese sandwiches.

We’re sure you’ll find other uses for it that we haven’t thought of yet, too. Give it a try!

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Weight400 g