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Fruity, spicy tomato relish that will liven up all kinds of dishes.


1.40 per 100g

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If you’re Irish, or have spent any time in Ireland, you’ll doubtless be familiar with Ballymaloe Relish. Unfortunately it hasn’t yet found its way far beyond its home shores. Dalriata aims to change that!

What is Ballymaloe Relish?

For over thirty years, Ballymaloe Original Relish has been an ever-present in many an Irish household. However, the story begins a lot longer ago than that – all the way back in the 1930s, in fact. The family matriarch, Myrtle Allen, needed to find a way to make use of the glut of tomatoes coming out of her husband’s greenhouses. She came up with a recipe for a chunky relish which allowed her to preserve tomatoes to be eaten all through the year. It was a great way to bring a little colour and flavour to a wintry plate of sandwiches, cheeses or cold cuts of meat.

Time passed, and eventually Myrtle opened her own restaurant in the nearby Ballymaloe House. This brought her family favourite relish to a new audience, and was just one of the many innovations which eventually led to her restaurant being awarded Ireland’s very first Michelin star.

The experience at the restaurant made it clear that there was a wider market for what had become known as Ballymaloe Relish, and so, im 1991, in a shed in the back garden, Ballymaloe Foods was born.

What can I do with Ballymaloe Relish?

The great thing about Ballymaloe Relish is its versatility. This smooth version comes in a convenient squeezable bottle, so you can simply use it like a more interesting alternative to tomato ketchup.

Its sweet, tangy flavour makes it the perfect complement to the meaty flavours of a good beef burger, and an excellent dip for the french fries alongside.

It’s also a great addition to a cheese board, and goes particularly well with cheddar.

And of course, it’s a fantastic alternative to ketchup as a way to liven up a ham, cheese or turkey sandwich. Pair it with mustard and things really start getting interesting. And if you’re making toasties or grilled cheese sandwiches, get a little Ballymaloe Relish in there!

If you want a quick, easy and very tasty salad dressing, try mixing a little Ballymaloe Relish with some olive oil and vinegar.

You can also use it as a glaze for roast meats, by simply brushing it on towards the end of cooking.

Last but not least, it adds a wonderful dash of sweetness and acidity to a cooked breakfast.

We’re sure you’ll find other uses for it that we haven’t thought of yet, too. Give it a try!

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Weight 400 g
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