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Full English. Ulster Fry. Scottish Breakfast. Or just a good old fry-up. It has many names and comes in many guises, but no matter what you call it, breakfast in Ireland and the UK is like nowhere else on earth. The cuisine of these nations may not be well-regarded by many countries around the world, but most agree that when it comes to breakfast, nobody does it better.

One of the things that shocks and disappoints newcomers to Germany is that, for a country with a huge appetite for pork products, it’s near-impossible to find proper back bacon. And while German Wurst is second to none, there’s nothing quite like a good old banger. You will search the butchers and supermarkets in vain, for no matter how hard you look you won’t find them. And as for black pudding and white pudding – forget it! Sure, there’s Blutwurst, but that’s not the same thing at all.

Enter Dalriata to the rescue! We’re the best place in Germany to buy Irish sausages online. We’ve also got top quality smoked bacon, thick cut back bacon rashers, black pudding and white pudding.

They’re all produced by the renowned Irish manufacturer Clonakilty foods, whose legendary black pudding is famous and beloved throughout Ireland. All their products are of the highest quality, and as far as we know you’ll find them nowhere else online in Germany. So if you’re looking for ingredients for a cooked breakfast, look no further.

With our fast and FREE* delivery service, Dalriata can sort you out with everything you need for a proper fry-up in just a couple of days. Or if you’re in or near Berlin, come to our store and pick everything up right away!

*Free delivery on orders over €60