Blackfire Bonfire Chipotle Hot Sauce

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We’re really enjoy a nice hot sauce here at Dalriata. But unfortunately spicy food isn’t (yet!) a big part of the typical German diet, so really good hot sauces are not so widely available. Our search for hot sauce worthy of shelf space at Dalriata took us all the way to Belfast, where we found Blackfire‘s amazing range of small-batch chilli sauces made with top-quality ingredients. Like all the products we sell, theirs are of the highest quality, made with the loving attention to detail that only comes from small, independent manufacturers who really love and believe in what they do.

After the success of their first product, Belfast Redhead, Blackfire Foods worked on expanding their range, and chose to name their products after famous landmarks in their home city. Belfast’s enormous summer bonfires are world-renowned, so what better name for a smoky hot sauce than Bonfire Chipotle?

What sets this one apart from the rest of the Blackfire range is its deep, savoury, smoky flavour. It features three of Mexico’s most famous varieties of chilli pepperย  rich, sweet, fruity ancho, earthy, chocolatey pasilla, and of course the smoked jalapeรฑo peppers known as chipotle. Blackfire grow all their own chilli peppers, and never “cheat” by using chilli extract โ€“ all the flavour comes from fresh, mature chilli peppers they grew themselves.

Bonfire Chipotle sauce is fairly mild in terms of heat, but when it comes to flavour it’s absolutely packed full of it. Once again it’s made with apple cider vinegar from the the Armagh Cider Company. Unlike most commercial hot sauces, which are made with industrial vinegar, Blackfire use this top-quality ingredient made from Armagh Bramley apples. The careful blend of chilli peppers makes this hot sauce perfect for barbecues, or to add depth to chilli con carne.


Green peppers, cider vinegar, beetroot, chipotle, ancho, pasilla chillis, salt, sugar.


Nutrients per 100 g

Calorific value kj 68 kJ
Calorific value kcal 16 kcal
Fat < 0,5 g
of which saturated fatty acids < 0,1 g
Carbohydrates 2 g
of which Sugar 1,9 g
Protein 0,6 g
Salt 0,3 g

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A dark, smoky sauce with a deep flavour which isย perfect for barbecues.