Irish Whiskey

Say “whisky” to most people, and they will think of Scotland. But in fact, Ireland was doing it first! Whiskey has been produced on the island for around a thousand years, and the world’s oldest distillery is to be found in Bushmills, right in the heart of the ancient kingdom of Dál Riata from which our store takes its name.

Irish whiskey is currently undergoing something of a renaissance. New distilleries are opening up all over the island, bringing innovation, enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to an age-old craft.

Unlike Scotch whisky, which is usually distilled once, Irish whiskey is typically distilled three times. This tends to impart a milder, more refined flavour, regardless of the specific characteristics of the grain used to produce it.

Perhaps the most renowned style of Irish whiskey is single pot still. We stock several excellent examples of the type, including Redbreast 12, Green Spot, and even Yellow Spot.

We also offer a number of single malt Irish whiskeys, a style which is becoming increasingly popular. From the classic Bushmills, to the peated Connemara, to newer names such as Teeling or The Sexton, we have interesting Irish single malt whiskeys to suit all palates.

We’re also very proud to sell the truly innovative Waterford single malts, which can trace their origin back not only to one distillery, but to a single farm on which the grain was harvested!

Of course, we can also offer a number of Irish blended whiskeys, which are renowned for their consistent, reliable quality.

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Showing all 5 results